Web2.0 Collaboration with Wikis

This is just a smal overview how collaboration under the buzzword web2.0 works and how groups may use modern techniques to organize their activities.

In fact this one is mainly for those don’t know what a wiki is an what collaboration means.

Moving pictures of kde4.0

i just want to show some of the first live pictures of applets in KDE4.0. Sorry, that I didn’t got my promised review out, yet.

I had a visitor here in my house over the last weekend. So I had no time to write something. But I will try to get something on the cloud as soon as possible.
At the moment I try to get some KDE4.0 applications compiled on Mac OS X, because on thursday I will be interviewed about KDE on Mac OS X – Taking the “D” out of KDE by Ingo Ebel, one of my fellow students, on Radiotux.