Got Kubuntu up and running

After some days of thinking, I decided to kill my Mac OS X installation on my Macbook to get a new Linux/KDE aka Kubuntu installation. I tried to run Linux on my Macbook some time ago and it really was no fun. But the actual Kubuntu Tribe 4 brings everything out of the box (Wifi, …). So I’m really pleased.

After many tries under Mac OS X, I got KDE4.0 compiled under Kubuntu. Now I want to start with some k4 development in my spare time.

The only thing I hate is, that I lost all the music, I have bought on iTunes (damn DRM…).

So at the moment I’m waiting for Hello Pizza to deliver my dinner…

Thesis at IBM

I’m happy to announce, that I just got my commitment to write my thesis at IBM Germany.

I will write about open standards in virtual worlds. It is not fully specified, but as soon as it is rock solid, I will let you now know (thx for the hint ;)).

rating system

Because nobody uses the comment functions here, I installed a small rating system. Maybe I can get some feedback, so I can think of which topics to write about.

New design launched

I just created a new page design, this evening. I noticed, that many other Blogs adopted the Theme I used for the last few months.

So I just created this new Theme based on K2, Unsleepable and inspired by the KDE4.0 Oxygen development.
I will tune some edges as soon as I have some spare time left.

If someone wants to use the Theme, just write a short mail to me.

Hamburg Dungeon

Last weekend two of my Handball girls, visited me here in the far north of germany.

Fury stayed the whole weekend and we had lots of fun, I showed her the city, we went to see the cup fight between the pirates from St. Pauli and the pills from Leverkusen at the Millerntor stadium and of course we went to discover the night the Reeperbahn.

On sunday, fury’s mother, sister and a friend of them, came also and we went out to and walked around in the city.

First we went to the Hamburg Dungeon, then we had lunch and some icecream. It really was a nice day.


Moving pictures of kde4.0

i just want to show some of the first live pictures of applets in KDE4.0. Sorry, that I didn’t got my promised review out, yet.

I had a visitor here in my house over the last weekend. So I had no time to write something. But I will try to get something on the cloud as soon as possible.
At the moment I try to get some KDE4.0 applications compiled on Mac OS X, because on thursday I will be interviewed about KDE on Mac OS X – Taking the “D” out of KDE by Ingo Ebel, one of my fellow students, on Radiotux.

Another step into a better world

Dell started to sell PCs and Laptops with a preinstalled Ubuntu in America some weeks ago. Now another global player follows this strategy. Lenovo (some kind of ex-IBM) announced to start shipping laptops with preinstalled SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) soon. I think professional Hard- and Software Support for Linux Desktop Systems is a great step into the future.

KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released, Codename “Cnuth”

What does that mean for you?

Today the first Beta of KDE 4.0 has been released. This means, the basic libraries, frameworks, apis… are frozen from today.

On big point about this: application developers may start to build their applications on solid APIs.
Also, those libraries now can be ported to platforms like Mac OS X and Windows. So in the next few weeks/months, the first KDE applications will come to other platforms. Tomorrow I will introduce one or two applications to you… so stay tuned.