Home again

After six months of living in Hamburg, I finally moved home again on sunday. The time up in the north was great, especially my colleagues and the many people i got to know will stay in my mind for a long time.

Now I will start into the last semester of my bachelor degree.
I will write my thesis at the IBM in Böblingen.
Of course I will also play and train Handball again, like I did before the internship.

Thanks to ….
Marek, Sabine, Bas, Holger, Christoph, Melli, Lumpi, Anne, Christoph, Heike, Tristan, Silvan, Boris, Johann, Mandy, Julia, Bennet,….. and many more ;)

101 Ways to know your project is doomed

Here I only list the top 10…
you may find the rest of the list here.

    1. Management has renamed its Waterfall process to Agile Waterfall
    2. You start hiring consultants so they can take the blame
    3. The Continuous Integration server has returned the error message “Fuck it, I give up”
    4. You have implemented your own Ruby framework that uses XML configuration files
    5. Your eldest team member references Martin Fowler as a ’snot-nosed punk’
    6. Your source code control system is a series of folders on a shared drive
    7. Allocated QA time is for Q and A why your crap is broken
    8. All of your requirements are written on a used cocktail napkin
    9. You start considering a new job so you don’t have to maintain the application you are building
    10. The lead web developer thinks the X in XHTML means ‘extreme’

Web2.0 Collaboration with Wikis

This is just a smal overview how collaboration under the buzzword web2.0 works and how groups may use modern techniques to organize their activities.

In fact this one is mainly for those don’t know what a wiki is an what collaboration means.

Simson still alive

Today after 10h hours of work I’ve found the following jewel here in Hamburg.


It is a Simson, thats a german brand which stopped producing about 5 years ago. They are really rare and I always thought,  that there none of them left on our streets.

The Shenzhen Residence Card program

In germany we discuss about protection of data privacy  by the sanitary card project… But look at china… I really hope, that something like this will never become reality in germany….

The chinese firm China Public Security Technology has won the phase I contract of the “The Shenzhen Residence Card program”. This is a pilot project to “reform” the public security in china. After the three years of the pilot, the Residence Card project should be extended to Shanghai and later to over 680 cities across china.  It includes a “Residence Card” for every resident, which contains many private informations, scanners all over the city and a huge number of security cameras…

…so good luck good ol’ germany ;)