iPhone prices revealed

Complete M Complete L Complete XL
Monthly Fee 49,- € 69,- € 89,- €
W-LAN/EDGE included
Visual Voicemail included
Free Call Minutes 100 200 1000
Following Minutes each 0,39 € 0,39 € 0,29 €
Included SMS Messager
40 150 300

And 399 for the phone iteself… pretty hard I think espacially the 40 included SMS are way to few….

I will have to think about this…

KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released, Codename “Cnuth”

What does that mean for you?

Today the first Beta of KDE 4.0 has been released. This means, the basic libraries, frameworks, apis… are frozen from today.

On big point about this: application developers may start to build their applications on solid APIs.
Also, those libraries now can be ported to platforms like Mac OS X and Windows. So in the next few weeks/months, the first KDE applications will come to other platforms. Tomorrow I will introduce one or two applications to you… so stay tuned.