ZUI – Zooming User Interface

Since KDE4.0 has been released, there where many users complaining about the new zooming user interface, although it is far away from being complete. Most of those people do not understand the difference between Virtual Desktops and thos new Activities. Virtual Desktops have been utilized for different activities over the years. One Desktop with private […]

My first YouTube clip…

Hello out there, I uploaded my first YouTube clip today. I have connected my PC to the plasma today. I know the sound is shit, but hey it was my first try. KDE4 looks pretty nice on the big screen. Don’t think about the performance of all those animations, I was compiling a new version […]

KDE 4.0.0 was tagged and will come

Three days ago, the first official KDE4 Release has been tagged. The 4.0.0 SVN branch was nailed and now the package preparations go on. There are only 4 days left until the officiel release and 11 until the release party event at Google in Mountain View, CA. Now, only the fact, that I have to […]