ZUI – Zooming User Interface

Since KDE4.0 has been released, there where many users complaining about the new zooming user interface, although it is far away from being complete. Most of those people do not understand the difference between Virtual Desktops and thos new Activities. Virtual Desktops have been utilized for different activities over the years. One Desktop with private […]

Open Source Business Desktop – Gnome or KDE

Matt Hartley posted an nice article about Linux Desktops in Businesses. http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/entdev/article.php/3717261It really is an interesting read. GNOME, both on the user and development side of things, believes in the integrity of GPL-based code and ease of use. Applications developed in this realm tend to be rather vanilla in appearance, yet will work as advertised.   […]

Kubuntu … makes your life easy

On the weekend, I installed the latest Kubuntu release onto my desktop PC. I must say the distribution is getting better with every release. The first thing I noticed, finally Kubutu got a “Blueish” KDE 3.5.8 theme, which makes the desktop really beautiful (I didn’t like the old themes very much). The setup went on […]