Kubuntu & Ubuntu 8.10 released

The ne Ubuntu release Intrepid Ibex has been released on time. I really like the way it works. The clip has been recorded by golem.de and shows the GNOME UI which is used by Ubuntu.
I had time to install the Kubuntu derivate myself.
Itcomes with a fully integrated KDE 4.1, which really rocks! Everything worked out-of-the-box. Unfotunatly my Lenovo T61 has an built in NVIDIA card, so the effects only run at about 95%.
I don’t want to write too much, but I hope you give it a try.
If you want to have some more textual informations…. go to
They have written a nice review (although I wonder why it is categorized in hardware ;) )

ZUI – Zooming User Interface

Since KDE4.0 has been released, there where many users complaining about the new zooming user interface, although it is far away from being complete.

Most of those people do not understand the difference between Virtual Desktops and thos new Activities.

Virtual Desktops have been utilized for different activities over the years.

One Desktop with private stuff, one with Web, one with work…. a real static solution. The new Zooming User Interface is more dynamic.

The user will be able to create different activities. Each activity contains plasmoids, applications, dialogs, notifications,… You can have an activity for working and collaborating, one for your multimedia, ….

Think of … while you are working on your thesis, you want to listen to some cool Last FM songs. So you just take one step (zoom out once) and have a small plasmoid to control your media or you zoom into your multimedia activity and have a full blown media center.

Thar really sounds great… but stop… once the KDE community achieved this, they willl push the limits further…..

There will be another step to zoom out from your activities. There you will get informations from other pcs in your house, remote control other pcs, copy data between them or even work together with friends ofer the internet… who knows….

This is far away, but think of this:

You are sitting in front of your PC in your bureau, writing some mails. At a certain time, your desktop calendar pops up an tells you about a movie you wanted to watch. So you will have two choices:

* lift yourself up and move on to the living room

* zoom two steps out, look for plasmoids to remote control your multimedia center pc in the living room and start the digital video recorder or watch streamed live television right in your bureau until you have finished writing your mails.

There are so many use-cases I could think of, like: Controlling lights from your PC or plasma based mobile device via Zeroconf/ZWave/etc., share Media All over the place, collaborate with colleagues over the local net or internet…..

    The concept of Zooming User Interfaces (ZUI) was developed by Jeff Raskin. Microsoft used the concept in its lab projects Seadragon , Photosynth and Surface.

    Another prominent user of the concept is apples’ iphone, which makes extensiv use of the zooming user interface in its browser and photoviewer applications.

    A real good piece of Software which shows what a ZUI means is the Java based ZoomDesktop project. Visist there project page and give it a try.

    Running KDE 4 SVN

    Today I did a clean compilation of KDE 4 from SVN based on Qt 4.4 technology preview, which will be the base for the KDE 4.1 release konquering your desktop this summer.

    I was astonished how many things have changed since my last try, the system runs smooth and applications get in shape from day to day.

    For example:
    Which is an application comparable to Google Desktop search or Apples Spotlight.


    Other tools followed and tend to be usable after many weeks of hoping and waiting =)
    For example KMail and Kopete.
    Both look great and do their job like they should.

    Another essential application many people wait for is Amarok2. The developers added a new plasma based context view, which looks great.

    So base, games, education, pim and mutlimedia applications do their workk, but there are two childs of sorrow, graphics and koffice.
    Both seem to stagnate. KOffice lacks developers and Graphics seem to miss the kde train.
    Neither I have heard about Strigi/Nepomuk integration in one of the two big applications in their (digiKam / KPhotoalbum) nor did they start to rework their graphical user interfaces as far as I have seen.
    I really hope those will also decide to rework their user interfaces like Amarok did, because the Plasma gives so many possibilities a Graphic application might use.

    Ok now I want to paste three things I recognized, I will post Bug reports on Thursday after my last exam.

    Window resizing:
    The flickering is gone with Qt 4.4, but it only seems to redraw the window shadow and not its content on resizing.

    When scrolling down in many applications everything works fine, but when I scroll up, the redraw routine seems to be broken.

    Scrolling Problems Resizing Problems

    Open Source Business Desktop – Gnome or KDE

    Matt Hartley posted an nice article about Linux Desktops in Businesses. http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/entdev/article.php/3717261It really is an interesting read.

    GNOME, both on the user and development side of things, believes in the integrity of GPL-based code and ease of use. Applications developed in this realm tend to be rather vanilla in appearance, yet will work as advertised.


    KDE on the other hand, is a product that provides the end user the freedom to choose how simple or complex their desktop ought to be with regard to access and configurability. On the development front, the developer is free to choose their path to create open source software or that of the proprietary nature. It just depends on which direction the software developer wants to go. 


    KDE 4.0 Release Event

    Today the KDE Promo Team announced some more details about the KDE 4.0 Release Event in Mountain View, CA.

    It will be a three day Event with BoF sessions and talks all around Open Source and KDE itself.

    On friday there will be keynotes, speeches  and a release party at the Google Campus.

    I hope that there will be some live coverage via Blogs, Live Streams a.s.o.

    All informations are gathered together on a special Release Event Page.

    Travel and Lodge infromations are summarized on this page, too.

    We will have a Linux on the desktop day at our university on january the 18th and we try to establish a local event there.

    We will have speeches about KDE 4.0, Amarok, Linux Desktop in Businesses and a talk about the OpenMoko project by Markus Schlichting.

    Kubuntu … makes your life easy

    On the weekend, I installed the latest Kubuntu release onto my desktop PC. I must say the distribution is getting better with every release.
    The first thing I noticed, finally Kubutu got a “Blueish” KDE 3.5.8 theme, which makes the desktop really beautiful (I didn’t like the old themes very much).
    The setup went on pretty well and it recognized all my hardware without having to select something manually.
    My on Euro Webcam, the wireless card (which has no drivers for vista), multimedia keys on the keyboard, dual head xinerama view, headset….. absolutly everything worked out-of-the-box, even on the Live CD, which holds the setup. Nothing is cooler, then browsing the web, while installing a new operating system (ask any other windows / mac / … guy to do this).
    After rebooting for one time, the setup was finished and I was ready to start. When I say ready, I mean ready, the setup installed the latest updates, added my old OpenSUSE settings for Mail, Instant Messaging and wallet…
    And everything in under one hour!!!

    So what’s new inside Kubuntu 7.10?
    GDebi – A tool to easily install .dev packages like Skype, SecondLife,…..
    Dolphin – Made into KDE 3.5.8 and after having read many complaints about taking something out of Konqueror, I must say, the decision was right, Dolphin is the best Filebrowser I have ever used, even in its current shape (it is some kind of KDE4 preview version). I think, it will become a killer application on Windows, when it takes the step in some months/weeks/days…
    Propritary Drivers – under the system settings, there is a new tool, which lets you easily install restricted drivers for your installed hardware. For my NVidia card, the tool made the driver setup really easy.

    What I didn’t like is, that KMail still has its nasty IMAP code, which is so slow…. I hope, that with the next step towards KDE4 and with using the new Qt4 libraries, it will get a boost in the next months. Another thing I

    There are many other cool new features inside the Gutsy release, but I dare you to download the Live CD and try it on your own. You even can start some nice tools from it, when running Windows.

    While I’m waiting for Mac OS Leopard to be released and hopefully shipped on friday, I’m getting the latest SVN sourcecodes of KDE4 at the moment. I hope try to get a full running KDE4 session until tomorrow.

    May be you can also visit http://www.rodereisen.de, where you can find my fathers travel agency, I finished a new design yesterday.
    I would be glad if s.o. writes a comment about the look.

    Got Kubuntu up and running

    After some days of thinking, I decided to kill my Mac OS X installation on my Macbook to get a new Linux/KDE aka Kubuntu installation. I tried to run Linux on my Macbook some time ago and it really was no fun. But the actual Kubuntu Tribe 4 brings everything out of the box (Wifi, …). So I’m really pleased.

    After many tries under Mac OS X, I got KDE4.0 compiled under Kubuntu. Now I want to start with some k4 development in my spare time.

    The only thing I hate is, that I lost all the music, I have bought on iTunes (damn DRM…).

    So at the moment I’m waiting for Hello Pizza to deliver my dinner…

    New design launched

    I just created a new page design, this evening. I noticed, that many other Blogs adopted the Theme I used for the last few months.

    So I just created this new Theme based on K2, Unsleepable and inspired by the KDE4.0 Oxygen development.
    I will tune some edges as soon as I have some spare time left.

    If someone wants to use the Theme, just write a short mail to me.

    Moving pictures of kde4.0

    i just want to show some of the first live pictures of applets in KDE4.0. Sorry, that I didn’t got my promised review out, yet.

    I had a visitor here in my house over the last weekend. So I had no time to write something. But I will try to get something on the cloud as soon as possible.
    At the moment I try to get some KDE4.0 applications compiled on Mac OS X, because on thursday I will be interviewed about KDE on Mac OS X – Taking the “D” out of KDE by Ingo Ebel, one of my fellow students, on Radiotux.