Master Thesis

So after one a half years at the media university of Stuttgart, I’m going to write my thesis about in-car infotainment system from now on.

We (two masters and one bachelor) are working together on different topics in a project between our University and VW. The basic idea behind the project was to find new ways of media aggregation in cars and it will last for at least three years. So we’re going to scratch the surface of some pretty interesting developments for feature in-car infotainment systems.

As we all know, the Internet/Apps/Services/…. (insert Buzzword here) is getting more and more ubiquitous. We’re only two or three steps away of getting into the Internet of Things.

So we’re trying to take on of those steps, by bringing the internet into the car.

The car development compared to the IT is … let’s call it damn slow :) … many innovations and ideas are under the hood and it takes ages until a feature is production ready.

7 years of development is o.k. for engines, security systems, etc…. but in I.T.?!?

I mean… youtube was founded in 2005 … this was just 6 years ago…

So the car manufactures need to change something in the future, although there have been many product announcements, like Twitter/Facebook integrations (‘Hello World’ for 21st century). But these are all preposterous, imho (Twitter was founded in 2006… who knows if it is still there, when I’m going to buy one of those cars in 3-4 years).

So our project is going to turn some things upside down. I’d really like to post about many topics we already talked about, but as we’re working together with VW not everything is open for the public. I’m trying to blog as much as possible in the near feature… so this blog will become more active and nerdy again ;)

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  1. Ah, good news you’re back in blog-arena :)
    Talking of “internet of Things” – have you seen the last episode of “elektrischer Reporter” ?

  2. Hello Bernhard,
    i’ll be really interested in reading your thesis.. Are going to publish any parts of it?
    Im currently working on the same topic and also writing my thesis in this area. It’s a pretty new approach and information is scarce. So I’ll be happy to get in touch with you somehow.

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