Firefox 3.6 is out

Have a look at this video from Mozilla, showing the new features introduced with Firefox 3.6.

It’s funny M$ needs to get a Hotfix for huge security holes. Although they know for sure that it’s just another workaround. Mozilla on the other side preps for the future… p.e.

  • Much faster JavaScript (for all you Facebook, Googlemail, Wave.. guys out there) -> Man it’s ligtning fast!
  • Embedded Streaming Video (without the need of Flash…. HTML 5 is here before the standard is completed ;) )
  • Personas
  • Better Extension control
  • ….

And if you do follow the Mozilla development, you’ll know what’s left in the pipeline (Jetpack, Bespin, Ubiquity, Snowl… goto

I’ve one more thing (Remember: next week iss another apple presentation @stevejobs ;) )….

Here is the download page to get your favorit browser:

Get it before the rest of world get’s it ;)