Firefox 3.6 is out

Have a look at this video from Mozilla, showing the new features introduced with Firefox 3.6.

It’s funny M$ needs to get a Hotfix for huge security holes. Although they know for sure that it’s just another workaround. Mozilla on the other side preps for the future… p.e.

  • Much faster JavaScript (for all you Facebook, Googlemail, Wave.. guys out there) -> Man it’s ligtning fast!
  • Embedded Streaming Video (without the need of Flash…. HTML 5 is here before the standard is completed ;) )
  • Personas
  • Better Extension control
  • ….

And if you do follow the Mozilla development, you’ll know what’s left in the pipeline (Jetpack, Bespin, Ubiquity, Snowl… goto

I’ve one more thing (Remember: next week iss another apple presentation @stevejobs ;) )….

Here is the download page to get your favorit browser:

Get it before the rest of world get’s it ;)

5 ways to misunderstand Free and Open Source Software. | GHABUNTU

This is 0ne of the best blog posts about OS in a while … 5 ways to misunderstand Free and Open Source Software.

1. The software industry can’t keep going if programmers don’t get paid.
2. Innovation is killed in free software.
3. Software Should Just Work (who cares about source code?)
4. Free software doesn’t respect authors’ copyrighted and patented software.
5. Free software is like communism.

You really should take your time and read the full post.