The Works With U 1000

Brag About Your Ubuntu Deployment: The Works With U 1000 identifies businesses and organizations across the globe that have made the move to Ubuntu on servers, desktops and/or mobile devices. We are not suggesting that Ubuntu is the best solution for all companies and organizations. Rather, Works With U strives to help organizations identify how, […]

Oxygen everywhere

Imho the new KDE iconset called oxygen has some of the greatest icons I’ve ever seen. The set gives KDE4.x a modern and consistent look and feel. Combined with plasma, it is the base of KDEs’ sexy look and feel. But there’s not only KDE using the oxygen icons… There are other projects I know […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-11-09

@funkymc and @osilvan look at this in reply to funkymc # Mozilla ubiquity rocks ;) # @digitalnomad: try openfire on your own server… it has a rock solid icq/msn/yahoo… transport plugin in reply to digitalnomad # omg Gimmick of the year award # Powered by Twitter Tools.