Imho the new KDE iconset called oxygen has some of the greatest icons I’ve ever seen. The set gives KDE4.x a modern and consistent look and feel. Combined with plasma, it is the base of KDEs’ sexy look and feel.

But there’s not only KDE using the oxygen icons… There are other projects I know where you can get your get your breath of fresh air!

I’ve already seen some more projects (not only open source!!!), using oxygen, but I can’t remember their names. This is great, because more and more users will get used to those icons which is a good opener for migrations in the future.

More information about the oxygen project –

Get an overview:

Or just check the icons out via subversion:

svn co svn://

Oxygen project - a breath of fresh air
Oxygen project - a breath of fresh air

Update:The Elise Open Media Center Application also makes use of the oxygen iconset. Altough there’s a mix with GNOME icons, which is not really consistent but OK imho ;)