OpenOffice 3.0 GA available

Today the OOo Community officaly released their latest GA 3.0.

At the moment their servers suffer hard, because too many people want to get this great piece of software.

But what is OOo 3.0 (oooh… so many Os ;) ) all about:

  1. Native Mac OS X Aqua support -> finally a great Office Suit for all those Apple folks out there.
  2. import and edit of pdf documents
  3. native OOXML support on all major plattforms… (personally I don’t like this, but it seems to be necassary … )
  4. Enhanced Extension-API
  5. Under the hood improvements which made those other features possible.

All-in-all it is a incremental improvement release, without new killer features. But with all the improvementes beneath the surface, OOo will grow over the next couple of years. I think this release is compareable with Firefox 2.0 which closed alle the caps between FF 1.0 and his competitors and opened up the way for FF 3.0 which now pushes the web.

Maybe the next release of OOo will do the same in all those offices out there.

One question… have you ‘as a technical, open minded person’ ever tried to discuss about standard software with ‘not-so-open-minded’ people?

What is standard software?

—- UPDATE: —- has a nice article about OOo 3.0