Open Source Migration

I’m currently migrating my fathers office. I’m using Zimbra and Samba to get a Exchange + Active Directory like environment. The following clip is a good demo:

Zimbra + Samba Integration

Currently everything works as supposed to:

  • Central Login and Userdatabase (via Zimbra LDAP)
  • Samba as Primary Domain Controller and WINS Server
  • Roaming Profiles, SSO
  • Simple Administration via Zimbra WebGUI
  • Secure E-Mail via IMAPS/SMTPS in Thunderbird or the secure Webinterface
  • Shared Folders and Calendars
  • Enterprise Content Management with Alfresco Labs 3 (with Sharepoint support)
  • Endian Firewall for Security and VPN
  • Internal DNS and DHCP Services (BIND9/DHCPD3)
  • Windows XP Client PC Installs via partimaged

So now it is up to Amadeus and TravelTainment. To free their tools so i’m able to take the next step…. getting rid of Microsoft Clients =)

A big hug to the Debian Project, Zimbra (Yahoo) and all the OS Movement participants out there.