boxee blog

The boxee team announced the availability of boxee on ubuntu. This is the first alpha release. So you need a fairly fast CPU to watch HD content, because at the moment all the decoding stuff needs to be done by the CPU. GPU decoding will be available sometime in the future. Check it out if […]

Blogging by iPhone

Today Automatic Inc. , the company behind wordpress, released a free application for the iphone. It allows me write entries more easily. It also allows me to blog photos on the road. So have a look out of my office window… ;)

Drobo NAS

Drobo (data robtocs inc.) is US company which build NAS Stations and Multimedia Stations. Great design together with superior technical specs…. I really want it….. Oh and the new job is great I really like working at n3k informatik… Up to now I had many small jobs to do. Setting up different VMs for testing […]