I just installed the beta of Skype 4. I wanted to try out the SIP integration.

I really don’t like the new interface because it nearly needs the whole screen. The big part on the right side may be useful while doing a voice chat, but having it there all the time really sucks…

Unfortunatly i wasn’t able to find the SIP Account Settings.

I really hope that eBay aka Skype will rethink this new GUI concept. Thes have such a big user and code base.

I also wonder how the Nokia – Trolltech deal will effect the future development…. Skype uses Trolltechs Qt Framework as you may know.

Qt on Nokias mobiles… Skype on Nokia mobiles ?!?!? …. would be a great deal for Nokia … eBay may sell Skype

*********** UPDATE *****************

Hot NEWS!!!

Nokia is going to be buy Symbian wants to free the Symbian platform by moving it to open source.

This is a huge thing i think… espacially because googles android platform will not be available until the end of 2008

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