Just in time delivery

Today is the deadline and i have finished my thesis just in time. Here it is: So my time as a student is over now … I’m really happy that everything went well after all. Thank you to everybody… my parents, friends and colleagues. I want to send a big hug to my advisors so […]

The next step…

So the final day is getting closer…. Monday will be my last day as an IBMer and as a student. It really feels peculiar to me. The time is running so fast…so what will be my next step? Yesterday I signed my first real contract at n3k. I will start my career as technology consultant […]

Social Media Center – boxee.tv

I’m happy to be one of the first boxee.tv alpha testers. Boxee is based up on the well known Xbox Media Center (XBMC) Sourcecode, which has been ported to Linux and OS X. At the moment there is just a alpha release of the Mac Version out, Ubuntu 7.10 Version will be released within the […]

Download ready!!! Get it now!!!!

The Download Day has started some minutes ago…. visit http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html to get your copy of Firefox 3 now! If you’r unsure what Firefox is or what Open Source means, read the article 100% organic software on the mozilla page. It will explain some basic points and why you should care about the software you run […]

ZUI – Zooming User Interface

Since KDE4.0 has been released, there where many users complaining about the new zooming user interface, although it is far away from being complete. Most of those people do not understand the difference between Virtual Desktops and thos new Activities. Virtual Desktops have been utilized for different activities over the years. One Desktop with private […]