Just in time delivery

Today is the deadline and i have finished my thesis just in time. Here it is:

So my time as a student is over now … I’m really happy that everything went well after all.
Thank you to everybody… my parents, friends and colleagues.

I want to send a big hug to my advisors so far:

  • Oliver from Cologne (schwarzdesign)
  • Marek from Hamburg (IBM)
  • Ansgar from Stuttgart (IBM)

The next step…

So the final day is getting closer….
Monday will be my last day as an IBMer and as a student. It really feels peculiar to me.

The time is running so fast…so what will be my next step?

Yesterday I signed my first real contract at n3k. I will start my career as technology consultant for networking solutions.
I’m totally abuzz about it… I will let you know about all those upcomming things!

And one more thing!

Bill Gates is going to leave Microsoft on Monday…I will start on Tuesday…. I’m not superstitious, but I kind of like this fact… maybe sometime in future some historian will write about the turn of the whole industry *rofl* I’m just kidding… but I must say… I really like to think about this ;)

Skype 4 beta sucks… imho

I just installed the beta of Skype 4. I wanted to try out the SIP integration.

I really don’t like the new interface because it nearly needs the whole screen. The big part on the right side may be useful while doing a voice chat, but having it there all the time really sucks…

Unfortunatly i wasn’t able to find the SIP Account Settings.

I really hope that eBay aka Skype will rethink this new GUI concept. Thes have such a big user and code base.

I also wonder how the Nokia – Trolltech deal will effect the future development…. Skype uses Trolltechs Qt Framework as you may know.

Qt on Nokias mobiles… Skype on Nokia mobiles ?!?!? …. would be a great deal for Nokia … eBay may sell Skype

*********** UPDATE *****************

Hot NEWS!!!

Nokia is going to be buy Symbian wants to free the Symbian platform by moving it to open source.

This is a huge thing i think… espacially because googles android platform will not be available until the end of 2008

Social Media Center – boxee.tv

I’m happy to be one of the first boxee.tv alpha testers. Boxee is based up on the well known Xbox Media Center (XBMC) Sourcecode, which has been ported to Linux and OS X.
At the moment there is just a alpha release of the Mac Version out, Ubuntu 7.10 Version will be released within the next days. I’m really waiting for it, so I will get it on my plasma.

But for now I just checked the OS X version…
The UI is such a new experience (sorry don’t know if i’m allowed to give you screen shots).

The user is able to use Last.fm, Twitter, Tumblr and so one directly built into it. So all off your friends may see what you are watching/listening/… at the moment.

Because of XBMC at the bottom, boxee supports all kind of Media (video, audio, pictures….)

I really hope boxee will get some public attention in the future, so the project (and espacially the userbase after the public alpha) will grow fast.

The only thing I’m really missing is the ability to have television (maybe with integrated vdr futures). Also a cool thing would be miro integration.

I will write an email to the developers, if they give me an ok, i will write a small review with screenshots…. May be I will do a little screencast with boxee running on my home theater.

ZUI – Zooming User Interface

Since KDE4.0 has been released, there where many users complaining about the new zooming user interface, although it is far away from being complete.

Most of those people do not understand the difference between Virtual Desktops and thos new Activities.

Virtual Desktops have been utilized for different activities over the years.

One Desktop with private stuff, one with Web, one with work…. a real static solution. The new Zooming User Interface is more dynamic.

The user will be able to create different activities. Each activity contains plasmoids, applications, dialogs, notifications,… You can have an activity for working and collaborating, one for your multimedia, ….

Think of … while you are working on your thesis, you want to listen to some cool Last FM songs. So you just take one step (zoom out once) and have a small plasmoid to control your media or you zoom into your multimedia activity and have a full blown media center.

Thar really sounds great… but stop… once the KDE community achieved this, they willl push the limits further…..

There will be another step to zoom out from your activities. There you will get informations from other pcs in your house, remote control other pcs, copy data between them or even work together with friends ofer the internet… who knows….

This is far away, but think of this:

You are sitting in front of your PC in your bureau, writing some mails. At a certain time, your desktop calendar pops up an tells you about a movie you wanted to watch. So you will have two choices:

* lift yourself up and move on to the living room

* zoom two steps out, look for plasmoids to remote control your multimedia center pc in the living room and start the digital video recorder or watch streamed live television right in your bureau until you have finished writing your mails.

There are so many use-cases I could think of, like: Controlling lights from your PC or plasma based mobile device via Zeroconf/ZWave/etc., share Media All over the place, collaborate with colleagues over the local net or internet…..

    The concept of Zooming User Interfaces (ZUI) was developed by Jeff Raskin. Microsoft used the concept in its lab projects Seadragon , Photosynth and Surface.

    Another prominent user of the concept is apples’ iphone, which makes extensiv use of the zooming user interface in its browser and photoviewer applications.

    A real good piece of Software which shows what a ZUI means is the Java based ZoomDesktop project. Visist there project page and give it a try.