Actual KDE4 from SVN

Today I did compile the latest KDE 4 from SVN Trunk. I’m really impressed how the KDE developers worked over the last two months since my last try.

Especially Plasma and KWin really proceeded. They build a good Desktop to work on. I really appreciate all the new configuration options. The panels are resize able and one can have multiple panels. What I personally don’t like at the moment is the icon position within the panels, but after the future freeze for KDE 4.1 (which is going to be released on the 29th of july) is done, those things will get fixed over the next weeks.

I tried the all new PIM Suite, which really looks nice in all of its KDE4 glory, Amarok, Dolphin/Konqueror… But I don’t want to write my own opinion because their are many articles out there from people how are better in writing reviews out there (Ars Technica review).

The worst thing I noticed is, Firefox does not have a good KDE4 oxygen theme. I think this would be a good start for me to start contributing to my favorit piece of OSS. But first of all I have to get my thesis ready within the next 4 weeks.
After this is done, I will start my career within the IT industry. Up to now, there are some real nice opportunities to choose from. I will let you know what my decision when I signed my contract.

So that’s it for today.