Waiting sucks

I’m sitting here in my car at the international airport of stuttgart. I have to pick up my parents and their flight seems to be delayed. So why not use the time to blog :)

Today the KDE team announced the first KDE4.1 beta release. Fron what I’ve seen so far, they really made huge steps forward. Plasma seems to become more and more stable and useable. KDE PIM returns with all its great applications.

I’m really looking forward to Aarons keynote at Linux Tag in Berlin. Luckily, the Linux Magazin will provide a live stream with slides. That’s really great because I won’t be able to go to Berlin. Thanks for your invitation Ingo, but I have to finish my thesis first.

There are still many things to work on and only 4 weeks left. It will end up, being a photo finish ;)

But however, I will make it in time and then my time at the HdM and IBM will come to an end.

For the future, there are some possibilities at the moment.

My parents just left the airport, so more will come as soon as I made a decision.