Mozilla wants the download world record

The Mozilla Foundation is going to release the next major release of Firefox in late june. They opened up a webpage where you can register your release parties.   They also want to get into the guiness book of records. Firefox should be the most downloaded application within the first 24 hours.

Actual KDE4 from SVN

Today I did compile the latest KDE 4 from SVN Trunk. I’m really impressed how the KDE developers worked over the last two months since my last try. Especially Plasma and KWin really proceeded. They build a good Desktop to work on. I really appreciate all the new configuration options. The panels are resize able […]

Waiting sucks

I’m sitting here in my car at the international airport of stuttgart. I have to pick up my parents and their flight seems to be delayed. So why not use the time to blog :) Today the KDE team announced the first KDE4.1 beta release. Fron what I’ve seen so far, they really made huge […]

Blogging by phone

It really works, I just installed the iPhone wordpress admin plugin. No I’m able to blog through a nice iPhone Interface. I really like it, maybe I will be writing more again in future. The last couple of weeks I have been busy writing my bachelor thesis. So CU.