Today I did a clean compilation of KDE 4 from SVN based on Qt 4.4 technology preview, which will be the base for the KDE 4.1 release konquering your desktop this summer.

I was astonished how many things have changed since my last try, the system runs smooth and applications get in shape from day to day.

For example:
Which is an application comparable to Google Desktop search or Apples Spotlight.


Other tools followed and tend to be usable after many weeks of hoping and waiting =)
For example KMail and Kopete.
Both look great and do their job like they should.

Another essential application many people wait for is Amarok2. The developers added a new plasma based context view, which looks great.

So base, games, education, pim and mutlimedia applications do their workk, but there are two childs of sorrow, graphics and koffice.
Both seem to stagnate. KOffice lacks developers and Graphics seem to miss the kde train.
Neither I have heard about Strigi/Nepomuk integration in one of the two big applications in their (digiKam / KPhotoalbum) nor did they start to rework their graphical user interfaces as far as I have seen.
I really hope those will also decide to rework their user interfaces like Amarok did, because the Plasma gives so many possibilities a Graphic application might use.

Ok now I want to paste three things I recognized, I will post Bug reports on Thursday after my last exam.

Window resizing:
The flickering is gone with Qt 4.4, but it only seems to redraw the window shadow and not its content on resizing.

When scrolling down in many applications everything works fine, but when I scroll up, the redraw routine seems to be broken.

Scrolling Problems Resizing Problems