KDE 4.0.0 released … Dreams become true!

Today is the day … big things happen…. I just installed alle the fresh and new KDE 4.0.0 packages and it is runnning really smooth.

Of course, it is a developer platform and has its rough edges, but it really is usable, the KDE folks really did a great job.

Oxygen looks awsome, Plasma is really smooth everything is satisfying me for now.

I think the KDE 4 Series will get so much attention in the next years, because now the base is reworked, which was a long walk for many people.
I really have to say thank you to them. I hope you all enjoy this day of victory! Take some days of, enjoy the momentum and attention KDE will get these days and then go and get all those normal PC Users with KDE 4.1 =)

KDE 4.0.0 was tagged and will come

Three days ago, the first official KDE4 Release has been tagged. The 4.0.0 SVN branch was nailed and now the package preparations go on.

There are only 4 days left until the officiel release and 11 until the release party event at Google in Mountain View, CA.

Now, only the fact, that I have to work on some other projects makes said, because I don’t have the time to play around with KDE 4 packages from OpenSuses Build Service :/

But… only some months left until the stress is over.

Outlook Remote Calendars

This is just a reminder for me:


But maybe someone out there needs this project, too.

It is an Open Source AddIn for Microsoft Outlook, which enables Outlook to import remote iCal calenders from the web.

Happy new year & Silvester Party pictures

Hello out there, a happy new year to all of you!I hope everybody survived the new years parties very well. We really had a nice party with great food, good music and a great list of drinks. You can see some pictures here of course, too.2008 will really be an interesting year for me, because there are many things in the pipeline…

  • finish of my bachelors degree
  • european championchip in vienna as volunteer
  • travelling to beijing for the olympic games
  • starting to work or my masters degree
  • “Weinbergfest 2008” (25.07.2008 – 28.07.2008)
  • My 25th anniversary
  • …. and many other things …