Trip to Ireland

Last weekend, I have been to Ireland with 22 ( !!! ) friends. I went there to see the UEFA qualification game between ireland and germany (or still West Germany like the stadium speaker said…. ;) ).

We started our trip with bus ride to Zurich on friday morning. There we took our Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. It really was a nice flight, expect the lack of drinks.


In Dublin we went to our youth hostel, got our rooms and then went on to O’Neills Bar where we had “Private Party” corner.
After a good meal and some pints, we moved on to a nice pub, of which I can’t remember the name any more ;). I just can say, the music was great and we had a lot of fun while watching Svens famous “Ausw√§rtsstrip” (something like “outward strip” in englisch).
On the next morning some of us walked down to Dublin city and had a long walk there. Afterwards we needed another pint to cool down. In the afternoon we met at Berkleys’ Pub near the youth hostel and moved to a Pub at Temple Bar quarter to have meal.
After all of us had their obligatory pints, we took the bus to a supporters party at the Big Tree Pub near Croke Park stadium. Thanks to Lucien and his Megaphone, the party went on well and we made many friends in Ireland.
After some hours we started to walk down to the stadium. Thanks to Irish police men, we had to walk around the stadium the wrong way.
The game was really disappointing, thats all I want to say.
After the game we met again at the Big Tree Pub and went to Temple Bar after the last order was announced.

On sunday morning, we had to leave to the airport, at ten o’clock in the morning.

That’s it about our small trip, i uploaded some of my pictures for you.


Thanks to Lucien for his work to organise this trip. I’m looking forward for the next one to Barcelona at the end of the year.

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