Nothing Special

My last entry here was about three weeks ago.

The reason, why I did not write anything, is, that there was nothing to blog about.
No special News, Funny Clips….
The only interesting thing is, that I started my last half year at the HdM in Stuttgart. I will write my thesis at the IBM Lab in Böblingen near Stuttgart about Open Standards and Virtual Worlds, I have some pretty nice new colleagues there, I think that I will have a good time there.

I hope to get my new Notes ID,… soon, so I can start working… and of course talk to my old colleagues in Hamburg again ;)
I heard that they had a great time in munich at the “Wiesn”. Saddly the greaterIBM Connection did not invite me to go there :(

Apart from this, their are no news to blog about.
I think there will be some topics I will write about, when I start working on my thesis and beeing back at university.