iPhone prices revealed

Complete M Complete L Complete XL
Monthly Fee 49,- € 69,- € 89,- €
W-LAN/EDGE included
Visual Voicemail included
Free Call Minutes 100 200 1000
Following Minutes each 0,39 € 0,39 € 0,29 €
Included SMS Messager
40 150 300

And 399 for the phone iteself… pretty hard I think espacially the 40 included SMS are way to few….

I will have to think about this…

Leopard arrived !!!

Sooner than I have expected, my Leopard and iWork package arrived one hour ago.The installation went super smooth, I did’t have to choose one thing –> GREATNow everything runs and I’m really happy ;)So I’ve no time to blog alot, because I need to play around =) 

Kubuntu … makes your life easy

On the weekend, I installed the latest Kubuntu release onto my desktop PC. I must say the distribution is getting better with every release.
The first thing I noticed, finally Kubutu got a “Blueish” KDE 3.5.8 theme, which makes the desktop really beautiful (I didn’t like the old themes very much).
The setup went on pretty well and it recognized all my hardware without having to select something manually.
My on Euro Webcam, the wireless card (which has no drivers for vista), multimedia keys on the keyboard, dual head xinerama view, headset….. absolutly everything worked out-of-the-box, even on the Live CD, which holds the setup. Nothing is cooler, then browsing the web, while installing a new operating system (ask any other windows / mac / … guy to do this).
After rebooting for one time, the setup was finished and I was ready to start. When I say ready, I mean ready, the setup installed the latest updates, added my old OpenSUSE settings for Mail, Instant Messaging and wallet…
And everything in under one hour!!!

So what’s new inside Kubuntu 7.10?
GDebi – A tool to easily install .dev packages like Skype, SecondLife,…..
Dolphin – Made into KDE 3.5.8 and after having read many complaints about taking something out of Konqueror, I must say, the decision was right, Dolphin is the best Filebrowser I have ever used, even in its current shape (it is some kind of KDE4 preview version). I think, it will become a killer application on Windows, when it takes the step in some months/weeks/days…
Propritary Drivers – under the system settings, there is a new tool, which lets you easily install restricted drivers for your installed hardware. For my NVidia card, the tool made the driver setup really easy.

What I didn’t like is, that KMail still has its nasty IMAP code, which is so slow…. I hope, that with the next step towards KDE4 and with using the new Qt4 libraries, it will get a boost in the next months. Another thing I

There are many other cool new features inside the Gutsy release, but I dare you to download the Live CD and try it on your own. You even can start some nice tools from it, when running Windows.

While I’m waiting for Mac OS Leopard to be released and hopefully shipped on friday, I’m getting the latest SVN sourcecodes of KDE4 at the moment. I hope try to get a full running KDE4 session until tomorrow.

May be you can also visit http://www.rodereisen.de, where you can find my fathers travel agency, I finished a new design yesterday.
I would be glad if s.o. writes a comment about the look.

Trip to Ireland

Last weekend, I have been to Ireland with 22 ( !!! ) friends. I went there to see the UEFA qualification game between ireland and germany (or still West Germany like the stadium speaker said…. ;) ).

We started our trip with bus ride to Zurich on friday morning. There we took our Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. It really was a nice flight, expect the lack of drinks.


In Dublin we went to our youth hostel, got our rooms and then went on to O’Neills Bar where we had “Private Party” corner.
After a good meal and some pints, we moved on to a nice pub, of which I can’t remember the name any more ;). I just can say, the music was great and we had a lot of fun while watching Svens famous “Auswärtsstrip” (something like “outward strip” in englisch).
On the next morning some of us walked down to Dublin city and had a long walk there. Afterwards we needed another pint to cool down. In the afternoon we met at Berkleys’ Pub near the youth hostel and moved to a Pub at Temple Bar quarter to have meal.
After all of us had their obligatory pints, we took the bus to a supporters party at the Big Tree Pub near Croke Park stadium. Thanks to Lucien and his Megaphone, the party went on well and we made many friends in Ireland.
After some hours we started to walk down to the stadium. Thanks to Irish police men, we had to walk around the stadium the wrong way.
The game was really disappointing, thats all I want to say.
After the game we met again at the Big Tree Pub and went to Temple Bar after the last order was announced.

On sunday morning, we had to leave to the airport, at ten o’clock in the morning.

That’s it about our small trip, i uploaded some of my pictures for you.


Thanks to Lucien for his work to organise this trip. I’m looking forward for the next one to Barcelona at the end of the year.

Nothing Special

My last entry here was about three weeks ago.

The reason, why I did not write anything, is, that there was nothing to blog about.
No special News, Funny Clips….
The only interesting thing is, that I started my last half year at the HdM in Stuttgart. I will write my thesis at the IBM Lab in Böblingen near Stuttgart about Open Standards and Virtual Worlds, I have some pretty nice new colleagues there, I think that I will have a good time there.

I hope to get my new Notes ID,… soon, so I can start working… and of course talk to my old colleagues in Hamburg again ;)
I heard that they had a great time in munich at the “Wiesn”. Saddly the greaterIBM Connection did not invite me to go there :(

Apart from this, their are no news to blog about.
I think there will be some topics I will write about, when I start working on my thesis and beeing back at university.