Leopard arrived !!!

Sooner than I have expected, my Leopard and iWork package arrived one hour ago.The installation went super smooth, I did’t have to choose one thing –> GREATNow everything runs and I’m really happy ;)So I’ve no time to blog alot, because I need to play around =) 

Kubuntu … makes your life easy

On the weekend, I installed the latest Kubuntu release onto my desktop PC. I must say the distribution is getting better with every release. The first thing I noticed, finally Kubutu got a “Blueish” KDE 3.5.8 theme, which makes the desktop really beautiful (I didn’t like the old themes very much). The setup went on […]

Nothing Special

My last entry here was about three weeks ago. The reason, why I did not write anything, is, that there was nothing to blog about. No special News, Funny Clips…. The only interesting thing is, that I started my last half year at the HdM in Stuttgart. I will write my thesis at the IBM […]