Oxygen Contest for wallpapers!

Hi folks, I just want to spread a real cool contest. The KDE Artists are searching for wallpapers. The winning ones will ship with KDE4.0.
So here is the official announcement:

This time it’s up to you show how good you are!

We’re making a contest to completely renew the set of default wallpapers shipping with KDE 4.
Rules are very simple, submissions are accepted until 00:00 (CET) of the 20th August 2007, resolution should be big enough to fit well into bigger screens and images must be released under a free license (that we will decide with you later).
Remember that we welcome ANY type of art, vectors, photos, pixel art, 3D stuff, pizzas…. and you’re free to choose whatever color or style or message you prefer, the requirement is just that the final work looks good (especially remember that it will be used as a wallpaper).
Basically everything else you need to know is already written on the contest website (done by me), which you can find at http://pd.ruphy.org.