operating systems and kde4.0

Today I decided to start a small series of posts about KDE (Kool Desktop Environment) and its Version 4.0.

KDE together with Linux is something you would call an operating system. Linux does the stuff down at the Hardware level and KDE ist the Graphical User Interface
You can compare it with Windows or Mac OS X. They give us a bunch of applications, we need in our daily life.
Windows is known by everybody, Mac OS X iss nice and Linux is just something nerds might use.

Last week I’ve read a comment which said “Most people and enterprises have not noticed, that they use their operating system just to start up their browser.”.
So I tried to count which applications I really need at home.

  1. Mac OS X – Operating System – to have something on my Screen
  2. Mail – Apples mail application
  3. Adium – a chat application to connect to ICQ, Jabber, …
  4. Safari – to browse the web
  5. iTunes – to hear and organize my music/videos
  6. iPhoto – to organize my pictures
  7. NeoOffice – a copy of OpenOffice which is compareable to Microsoft Office
  8. Calendar
  9. Addressbook – for my PIM Data

Thats it…
Now it is your turn. What do you really need at home 99% of your time? I don’t think, that you will find many other things…

Why I have choosen a Mac last summer?
It is cool, sexy and has 7 of those applications out of the box installed. Everything is really good integrated. So i have alle the same contacts on my Addresbook and on my PIM Contact list, I can use drag and drop everywhere and so on…

What has Windows XP?
It is not cool, sexy and comes with only a few useable applications. Minesweeper and Solitair are the best I think ;). It has most applications available to install, because it is the mostly used operating system out there. It’s biggest advantage is, that everybody knows how to use it. The problem is, that the applications are not very good integrated with each other. So you always have redunand informations. (p.e. no centralized addressbook, which keeps all you contact information)

What has Windows Vista?
It is cool, sexy and has some cool applications on board. But I have to get a new computer to enjoy alle those nifty effects. As far as I could test it, it has many problems, espacially with drivers, unsupported file formats,…. It is build on XP and so many people should feel familar useing it. On application side, they copied nearly everything from Apple, so they made a big step forward, but they are still far beyond Apple, who will release his new operating in octobre 07, where they will take the next step.

What has KDE?
It comes with all applications you need in your daily life. You don’t have to get one application at all after installation. I will introduce the 4.0 Versions in the next few weeks. You may customize it like you want to in many cases (not just colors or the background picture…). The applications are really good integrated into each other. But they lack some kind of coolness. The GUI looks some kind of childish and unprofessional in Version 3….

So thats the point why I will introduce the Version 4.0 to you, the nerds out their who did a great job in last years to build a rock solid basement user interface got help from some great artists and usability experts. So together they are building some kind of new desktop experience you may like I hope….