[email protected] – add API proxy

Create a file like “proxy.json” in your [email protected] projects’ root. { “/api”: “http://localhost:1337” } start your development server with: 🍰  $ ng serve –proxy-config proxy.json All request to http://localhost:4200/api/v1/endpoint will now be proxied to http://localhost:1337/api/v1/endpoint   Pro Tip: add “start”: “ng serve –proxy-config proxy.json”, to the scripts section inside of your package.json and use the […]

Making of COPE

Yesterday i found this one in my archives. It is a clip made out of many images, that have been taken during the development of COPE at Bechtle back in 2014/2015.   If you like it and want to create something like this on your own. Here is a short step by step guide on […]