Debugging PWA’s locally – or how to get a angular 100% Lighthouse score

Yesterday at the @NgStuttgart Meetup, we had a really good time with two talks: “What’s new in Angular 8” (David Muellerchen – GDE – @webdave_de – “Improving UX by performance with Angular” (Steffen Stähle & Florian Tischler – @Steffen_Staehle & @floriantischler) During the talks we came across a little node tool called local-web-server it …

GTA V Self-driving car

I’m currently half-way through my Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree and this clip is amazing. We are building the future of mobility here at Bosch and I’m really looking forward to the world of autonomous cars (where accidents are solely produced, by “human” drivers like we see in the clip @4:13).

Delete a remote Git tag

Because i have to look it up all the time (and WS has no UI support AFAIK)… If you created a tag like ‘mytag’ you can delete it by running: git tag -d mytag git push origin :refs/tags/mytag That will remove ‘mytag’ from your local and the remote repository.

Your Lead Architect Doesn’t Really Understand Microservices There is no doubt that hype trumps learning, and that’s just a fact; we have a wealth of available and immediate information now in the Internet age. It takes time for experts to discern what matters and what does not. But in the end, following the leader may be the best approach of all. I’ve …