Home again


After six months of living in Hamburg, I finally moved home again on sunday. The time up in the north was great, especially my colleagues and the many people i got to know will stay in my mind for a long time.

Now I will start into the last semester of my bachelor degree.
I will write my thesis at the IBM in Böblingen.
Of course I will also play and train Handball again, like I did before the internship.

Thanks to ….
Marek, Sabine, Bas, Holger, Christoph, Melli, Lumpi, Anne, Christoph, Heike, Tristan, Silvan, Boris, Johann, Mandy, Julia, Bennet,….. and many more ;)

Hamburg Dungeon


Last weekend two of my Handball girls, visited me here in the far north of germany.

Fury stayed the whole weekend and we had lots of fun, I showed her the city, we went to see the cup fight between the pirates from St. Pauli and the pills from Leverkusen at the Millerntor stadium and of course we went to discover the night the Reeperbahn.

On sunday, fury’s mother, sister and a friend of them, came also and we went out to and walked around in the city.

First we went to the Hamburg Dungeon, then we had lunch and some icecream. It really was a nice day.


funny things on unfunny days


today sucks =)

first I missed the last train tonight, so I had talk walk home about 90 minutes through the whole city of hamburg, I had no money because my ec-card broke and is not usable anymore, then this morning I slept an hour too much ;)….

But then on my way to work, I saw this guy how balanced a bottle of water on his head while walking down the street…


IBM Sommerfest


Gestern Abend fand bei uns hier im CSI::Hamburg, ein lustiges Sommerfest statt.
Bilder gibts jetzt in einem gaaanz neuen Format!!!
38 Ich hoffe das sagt euch zu.