Migrate from iPhoto to digiKam

So after 4.2 has been released some weeks ago. I have used it now for a good amount of time and I’m pretty impressed how good it is.

Now I think about migrating my Macbook over to a OpenSUSE installation.

There are two databases I have…
iTunes and iPhoto

I don’t mind about the music… but the pictures.

So I was glad to discover a litte project called photokam:


Its a collection of Python scripts to migrate a personal photo collection safely to digikam.

Weekly Update from Twitter

  • @wstephenson i do vote for Konnapplet #
  • @ChrisLAS What about Amazon E2 #
  • back on identi.ca using twhirl …. #
  • thinking about getting an acer aspire one … does s.o. know a good place to get a linux based one? #
  • @ansi is this based on the work the two girls did in parallel to my thesis? http://is.gd/isj0 #
  • On my way to FFM. Weekend at customer side. #

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Weekly Update from Twitter

  • @boxee Go boxee go! in reply to boxee #
  • ill at home … it’s so boring… #
  • I’m just thinking about getting a htpc and a nas drive…. really would like to have kde 4.2 on my tv… it looks so amazing! #
  • @radiotux kde pim is pretty impressiv ! Hm? #
  • cool… Adobe AIR just works on OpenSuse 64 Bit with KDE 4.2 #
  • leaving twitter for identi.ca … now =) #
  • @digitalnomad hi on the free side of life ;) #
  • Leg the revolution start now!!! http://twitpic.com/195ne #

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